• #1-Come to Class Ready to Learn
  • Attend Class regularly, plan to arrive a little early--just in case there is a traffic or parking problems.
  • Read ahead--even if not required.
    Before you leave from home check to be sure you have text, paper, pencils, calculator, and any other  recommended materials.
  • #2-Be Organized
  • Keep all your materials for a class in a binder or folder.

  • Make a habit of putting them away in a routine, systematic way, checking to be sure everything is there.
  • When you get to your workstation, lay out your materials in a neat, convenient manner.

  • #3-Use College Resources
  • Make an appointment with a counselor to help plan a program or assist you with some other problem.
  • Talk to your instructor.  She/he can point  you in the right direction.

  • Get a College Catalog-- it's a valuable source of information.
  • #4-Read, Read, Read
  • Our textbooks are a vital part of your learning. Your instructor will expect you to read the material related to the unit being taught.
  • Read to understand, not to memorize.
  • To enhance understanding, takes notes after every paragraph or section.
  • Ask yourself "What was the important point about this section?"

  • Read Ahead.  Come to class with at least a general understanding of what is going to be covered.
  • #5-Use the Habit of "Overkill"
    Anticipate deadlines--get things done early-- ahead of time. This is like insurance. You will  have a chance to review, revise, and deal  with unexpected difficulties. This will reduce your anxiety!!
  • #6-Plan for Success!
    Success  does not " just happen."  It usually takes hard work and planning. You must not only be willing to work hard but, have a well thought out plan to achieve your goal. Please check out the items below to see where you can get help to plan your success.
  • Counseling /Career/Life Planning /CenterTransfer Center