How do I Apply to SAC? See Apply to SAC here!

How do I Register for Engineering Classes? Use WebAdvisor: Enroll to SAC Classes here!

What classes should I take first? ENGR 100a or 100b should be your first course. These introductory courses explore the wide range of engineering professions. Since nearly all engineers need to know how to create and read drawings, additional early coursework should include Computer Aided Drafting. ENGR 183 is strongly recommended as a first CAD course.

What can I do with a certificate? What are the reasons students seek a certificate or 2 year degree or a four year transfer program of study? This is a very important question. If you take ENGR 100a or 100b, you will find those courses helpful for explaining this in greater depth. But here are some answers to jump start your thought process. Nearly EVERY Engineering student as SAC takes enough classes to earn a certificate and should fill out the form for their certificate after enrolling in their first course. The graduation office will help you keep track of courses taken so that you stay on track with this. If you never complete, there is no penalty for filing the form initially.

  1. Students seeking a certificate might be seeking:
  2. Students seeking a 2 year degree may have a specific job requirement in mind and they need this degree to obtain that job. Students may already be working, but will increase their paycheck with a degree. Students may know they plan to eventually transfer to a four year program, but the 2 year degree will help them get a better job while they are pursuing continued studies.
  3. Students seeking a 4 year degree have determined specific courses they need that will transfer and articulate as well. They are strongly advised to have counseling with the SAC Engineering dept. full time faculty and with the transfer institution to which they intend to transfer to be sure they satisfy requirements to be ready to transfer. For students who intend to transfer to a four year program, see the links to four year schools here in our interesting sites page.

Where can I buy my Engineering Classes Textbooks? See Don Bookstore

Who can I email for more information? Email your intended engineering course instructor for information specific to courses they teach. See our Engineering Faculty page for our faculty contact information or use the faculty directory at

How can I get free student educational CAD software? Check with your instructor. Policies of software vendors vary from semester to semester, and for different software applications. Your instructor is your best source of information. Note: Only actively enrolled students qualify for educational software if it is available, not all educational software is free, as some vendors offer a discount instead.

Still have questions? Email to our full time faculty:

Susan Sherod - Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Construction Engineering, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), and related topics
Craig Takahashi - Mechanical, Electrical, Robotics, Industrial, Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), and related topics