What is the Engineering Club?
The Santa Ana College Engineering Club is a student membership group with a common interest in engineering. The students in the Club develop activities & events that form a sense of community, involvement, & pride.
The Club - along with cooperation of the Engineering Department - brings together students, provides opportunities to become involved in a variety of fun & interesting engineering-related activities (guest speakers, tours, competitions, etc.), and provides unique opportunities for the development of leadership & organizational skills.
Over the years the club has been honored as Club of the Year and club presidents have been named President of the Year.

Who can join?
Any SAC or SCC student with (1 unit or more!) can join (you can be ANY major, not just engineering!). To be a club officer, you must carry 6 units, a minimum 2.0 GPA, plus have paid Student Life and Leadership Fee.

The Santa Ana Engineering Club thrives with YOUR interest and forms when there are at a minimum 12 students to carry on the momentum, and enthusiasm for engineering activities.

Pictures of club activities:
egg drop competition photo club
          banquet club meeting
robotics at club jpl
          tour ENGR Club at Stem Week

To offer suggestions or comments about the Engineering Club, please E-mail Susan Sherod or Craig Takahashi

Club Administration
Forming a Club requires working with the Office of Student Life and the Inter-Club Council. All SAC clubs, including the Engineering Club, are administered through the Office of Student Life, U-121A,  714-564-6214 (link), which posts a calendar of events (link).  Inter-Club Council meeting schedule is posted on the Clubs & Organizations site (link).