KINDERCAMINITA is a campus event ENGR Department participated in again in 2019!
Kids who attend are provided with early exposure to career ideas!

At Kindercaminita 2019, we explained about "gravity" to the kids who cued up. They were told many things are done by engineers to resist gravity. They saw some construction trucks  that resist gravity, a couple hands on books, and did hands on marble runs to experience how gravity moves the marble down, as gravity pulls everything to the center of the earth. They also got to interact with a juggler friend, who demonstrated how even though he temporarily resists gravity with the force of throwing objects up, they always, very predictably come back down, due to gravity. Our table was super popular, to say the least! :D 
Thanks to all who helped this be a fun educational day for the kids!

ENGR Co-Chair Sherod explains gravity to kidsKids Enjoy Marble Runs